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Entre-Ajuda (Mutual Aid) project is an initiative of the UMinho's School of Psychology, in partnership with APsi - UMinho's Psychology Association, with support of UMinho's School of Medicine's - P5, Rectory and Academic Association. This project aims to help students in their first year at UMinho, to cope with psycho-social matters, such as, isolation, adaptation difficulties and also, mild symptoms of anxiety and depression. The project consists in the participation in four group sessions. These groups will consist in a maximum of eight students, of different courses who will be guided by two clinical psychologists.

In case you are interested, you may register, filling out this form and sending it to: entreajuda@usaae.uminho.pt. Registered students will be contacted by phone, by a clinical psychologist, in order to assess the adequacy of the offered intervention to the students' problematics. Those who present suitable challenges to this program will be assigned to one of the intervention groups.

The project is free and ensures the participants' confidentiality.
Measures will be taken so that groups represent a safe and confidential place, where students may share their experiences, receive support from peers with similar difficulties and progress towards overcoming those difficulties, under the clinical psychologists' guidance.

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